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Summer Schedule

The Summer Schedule runs from June 24th to August 3rd**

Online Registration is done on our Parent Portal

Age Groups:

Mini - Ages 3-4

Elementary - Ages 5-7

Junior - Ages 8-12

Teen - Ages 13-17

Adult - Ages 18 +

Listed as 'Class Time, Class Name, Teacher's Initials'


4-5pm Mini Movers Ballet/Tap BF

4-5pm Elementary Ballet JB

5-5:45pm Mini Movers Jazz Funk ER

5-6pm Elementary Tap CM

5-6pm Junior Dance Fusion JB

5-6pm Teen Stretch & Strengthen BF

6-7pm Mini Movers Ballet/Tap CM

6-7pm Elementary Ballet/Contemporary ER

6-7pm Junior Leaps & Turns BF

6-7pm Teen Dance Fusion JB

6-7pm Adult Contemporary EM


7-8pm Elementary Hip-Hop/Tumble ER

7-8pm Junior/Teen Tap (Ages 10+) CM

7-8pm Teen Leaps & Turns EM

7-8pm Adult Jazz JB


4-4:45pm Mini Movers Ballet BF

4-5pm Elementary Acro CN

5:15-5:45pm Mini Movers Acro BF

5-6pm Elementary Ballet/Tap CN
5-6pm Junior Ballet II AO

5-6pm Dance Team Prep (12+) ZS

6-7pm Elementary Hip-Hop CN
6-7pm Junior Hip-Hop GL

6-7pm Intermediate/Advance Teen Hip-Hop ZS

6-7pm Adult Ballet AO

7-8pm Elementary Acro CN

7-8pm Adult Hip-Hop ZS

7-8:30pm Junior/Teen Ballet III GL

7-8:30pm Junior/Teen Ballet IV AO

​8:30-9:30pm Teen Pointe AO
8:30-9:30pm Adult Heels GL


9:30-10:30am Mini Movers Ballet/Tap IS
10:30-11:30am Elementary/Junior Ballet/Tap IS

5-5:45pm Mini Movers Jazz Funk AG
5-6pm Elementary Jazz/Hip-Hop JB
5-6pm Junior Stretch & Strengthen BF

5-6pm Teen Jazz JP

6-7pm Mini Movers Ballet/Tap AG

6-7pm Elementary Tap GL
6-7pm Junior/Teen Ballet I/II JP
6-7pm Teen Modern/Contemporary JB

7-8pm Elementary Jazz/Contemporary AG
7-8pm Junior Hip-Hop JB
7-8pm Teen Tap I/II

7-8pm Teen Ballet Technique JP

8-9pm Teen Heels GL


4:15-4:45pm Mini Movers Acro CN

5-5:45pm Mini Movers Musical Theatre CM

5-6pm Elementary Ballet/Tap SP

5-6pm Junior Acro III/IV BF & CN
5-6pm Junior/Teen Ballet I AL

6-7pm Mini Movers Ballet/Tap SP

6-7pm Elementary Musical Theatre CM
6-7pm Junior Acro I/II BF & CN

6-7pm Junior/Teen Tap III/IV (Ages 12+) AL

7-8pm Junior/Teen Tap I/II SP
7-8pm Junior/Teen Musical Theatre CM

7-8pm Teen Acro (All Levels) BF & CN
7-8pm Adult Tap AL


9-9:45am Mini Movers Ballet AA

9-10am Elementary Acro CN

10-10:30am Mini Movers Acro CN
10-11am Elementary Ballet/Jazz AA

11am-12pm DanceAbility AA

11am-12pm Junior/Teen Acro (All Levels) CN



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