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Studio Policies

Tuition/Refund Policy

 - Tuition is due either all up front at the beginning of the semester, or in monthly installments. Summer will have two installments due, Fall will have four, and Spring will have five. In registering for a full session, you are agreeing to pay each of these installments, regardless of attendance.

 - Our refund policy is as follows: If you pay for the semester upfront and wish to remove your child mid-semester, our refund policy is that you will receive a refund for any MONTHS that your child has not participated in. For example, if your child decides to stop class mid-November, you will receive a refund for December, not November, as taking classes during November indicated a commitment to stay the entire month. Additionally, we do NOT refund for individual classes missed. Any absence that is not directly caused by us is your responsibility**. As long as we have instructors on-site and a class available, your child has the opportunity to show up, and if you do not show up we will not refund you your fee for that individual class. You are, of course, always welcome to make it up by attending another section of class.

 - There is a $25 cancellation fee per child applied after each season's add/drop date (Fall, Oct. 15th; Spring, Feb. 15th; Summer, July 15th) for any mid-semester withdrawal. This is due to the fact that your child was using up a spot that could have been given to another child. If we are refunding you for a payment made in advance, we will take that out of your refund. Otherwise, it will be a separate charge on your account. We do not require a year long commitment, so we ask that you make a commitment to attend whatever session you sign up for. If you do not let us know in writing that you are withdrawing from the class, we do have the right to charge you for the remaining months in the session. Any account that has not been paid off by the 21st of the month will incur a $5 late fee for as long as it is delinquent up to $50 in late fees. Any account that is still unpaid one month after the session end date will be sent off to collections. All payments made online incur a 3.2% processing fee.

Weather/Make-Up Policies:

 - We follow Chesterfield County Public Schools. If the school system is closed due to weather, so are we. This does not apply to minor holidays.

If we cancel for weather, you are welcome to take a class on another day within the same level as make-up.


 - Respect, Teamwork, Accountability, and Kindness are the four core values at Grace Arts. We ask that all parents and students follow these core values. Any negative situations could lead to dismissal from our program.

** We do have two built in snow days for both the Fall and Spring sessions. These two days will be used before scheduling any kind of make-up class.

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