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Classes/Dress Code


- Preschool program -

Our 'Mini Movers' preschool program was designed to introduce 3 and 4 year olds to the joy of movement. Through imagination-based teaching and movement games, we help our youngest students develop gross motor skills and social skills that will help them succeed in all areas of their lives!

*All preschool classes are independent classes, and parents will not be in the room during class time. Please consider this when deciding if your child is ready!*
Mini Movers Ballet & Ballet/Tap
This class teaches ballet (and tap, if the combo is selected) basics and spacial awareness through a variety of creative movement activities.
Mini Movers Jazz Funk
 Similar to jazz/hip-hop but made for our smaller students, this class will teach students jazz basics and hip-hop isolations to fun, upbeat music!
Mini Movers Acro
Does your child like to flip on your furniture? Let them do it here! Mini Movers Acro students will learn tricks such as rolls, handstands, bridges, and more!
Mini Artists
Let's have fun creating projects! Our mini artists will have a blast with age appropriate art activities, each based on a story they will read at the beginning of class!

- School Age & Adult Program -

Our school-age and adult programs are designed for those ages 5 through 85. Through a variety of classes for differing ages and abilities, students can learn skills in various areas including, but not limited to ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre, and tumbling! Whether your student is taking class recreationally or with dreams of a bigger future in the arts, our process of teaching technique along with self-confidence is sure to develop them into the best, most poised performer they can be.
Age Groups
Elementary: Ages 5-7
Junior: Ages 8-11
Teen: Ages 12-17
Adult: Ages 18+
This class teaches students the ballet techniques that are the foundation of many other styles of dance. Students in ballet classes will develop poise and grace as they are trained to be strong, balanced dancers.
 This class teaches students tap technique, with a strong focus on musicality. Students will learn traditional tap technique, from basic shuffles to complex variations of wings!
This class teaches students a variety of different jazz styles, ranging from upbeat Broadway-styles of jazz to slower, more contemporary ones. Leaps, turns, jumps, and flexibility will be the primary skills worked on.
This class uses age-appropriate music to teach students a high-energy dance style that focuses heavily on sharp movements and isolations. Students in this class will also work to build the core strength necessary to execute freezes and other traditional hip-hop tricks.
 This class teaches students how to express themselves through dance by blending together lyrical, modern, and ballet dance techniques. Students in this class will learn improvisation skills as well as a wide range of movements that improve flexibility and focus.
Musical Theatre
This class will introduce your student to the world of Broadway dance in a fun, enticing way! By dancing to songs from musicals and learning both jazz dance and drama techniques, this class is sure to bring out one's inner performer!
 This class teaches students how to develop their strength and flexibility in order to be able to execute acrobatic tricks. Very similar to tumbling with an enhanced focus on limbering skills, beginner participants in this class can expect to work on basic rolls and handstands, while more advanced students will focus on walkovers and handsprings.
Stretch & Strengthen
A favorite class of many students, the stretch & strengthen class works on exactly that - stretching and strengthening! Using a variety of body weight exercises, participants will develop their flexibility skills while gaining the muscle to allow their body to do so safely.
Students in art classes will work on a new project every week in several different mediums - sometimes you'll find them painting, sometimes you'll find them drawing, and sometimes they'll be working with clay!

- Dress Code -

All combo classes will wear the same outfit throughout class, simply changing shoes.
Adult Classes should wear what they feel comfortable with clothing-wise, along with the correct shoes

- Ladies: Black leotard, pink or skin tone convertible or footed tights, pink or skin tone ballet shoes. Skirts/shorts (preferably black) can be worn if desired
- Gentlemen: White or black shirt, black shorts/pants, black ballet shoes

- For ballet/tap combo classes, please wear the ballet attire listed and bring both your ballet shoes and black tap shoes
- For tap-ONLY classes, students are free to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in along with black oxford-style tap shoes

Jazz/Jazz Funk/Musical Theatre
- Ladies: Black leotard, shorts/leggings (preferably black), skin tone convertible or footed tights, black jazz shoes
- Gentlemen: White or black shirt, black shorts/pants, black jazz shoes

- Ladies: Black leotard, shorts/leggings (preferably black), skin tone stirrup or convertible tights, bare feet
- Gentlemen: White or black shirt, black shorts/pants, bare feet

- Express yourself! Please wear whatever clothing is comfortable for you to move around in, along with sneakers that will be used specifically indoors for class

- Ladies: Leotard (preferably black), shorts/leggings (preferably black), optional skin tone stirrup or convertible tights, bare feet
- Gentlemen: White or black shirt, black shorts/leggings, bare feet

Stretch & Strengthen
- Any clothing comfortable to move around in

- Any clothes you don't mind getting messy!

**We have no issues with students wearing dress code items in colors other than black, we simply prefer black as it creates a uniform look for all
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