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COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated 8/13/2022

Guidelines are subject to change as conditions change over time

  • Parents will not be allowed to stay in the building except for parents of students in mini movers classes (ages 3-4). Students ages 5+ will be dropped off at the front door and can be walked to the end of the ramp. Students should arrive five minutes before class begins to give them time to place their belongings in the designated storage areas, but not before that time. 

  • Masks are optional at this time

  • Students taking class in Studio 6 will exit out of the very left door. Students taking class in Studio 3, 4, or 5 will exit out of the middle door. Students taking class in Studio 1 will exit out of the very right door. Mini Movers students will be picked up in the lobby.

Payment/Enrollment Details

  • Due to our limited class sizes, to ensure payment, we are requiring all families be enrolled in auto-pay. We run auto-pay on all unpaid accounts for the four installments on 9/19 for Installment One, 10/9 for Installment Two, 11/9 for Installment 3, and 12/9 for Installment 4.

  • Tuition rates are final based on the full session price and are not based on attendance. If a class is missed, you are welcome to contact us to schedule a make-up class.

  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, please let our staff know as soon as possible. If at any point we feel it is unsafe to continue classes in the studio, the season’s classes will happen online via zoom. There will be no discounted tuition if your family chooses not to take the class on zoom, as this is our way of offering classes instead of closing completely.


Exposure Policies

  • Any exposed students, if not vaccinated, will be required to stay home for five days. If after 5 days the student shows no symptoms and receives a negative rapid or PCR test, they will be allowed to return to class. If the student is symptomatic, they will be required to remain home until they stop showing symptoms and receive a negative PCR test.

  • If a vaccinated student is exposed, they are welcome to come to class provided that they are showing no symptoms and wear a mask at all times, per VDH guidelines. If symptomatic, the same rule applies as above - they must not return until they stop showing symptoms and have a negative PCR test.

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